Happy Hours #11 Fats Domino

happy hours / musique / 09/05/2019


AC Reed - My Buddy Buddy Friend

AC Reed - Moving Out the Ghetto

Fats Domino - Hello Josephine

Georges Thorogood - Hello Josephine

Connie Boswell - You Ain’t Got Nothing

Willie Egan - Wow Wow

Willie Egan - Oh Baby

Sherrie Taylor He is The One That Ring My Bell

Johnny Hallyday - Oui mon Cher

Roosvelt Skyke - Blue and Boogie

Billy Furry - Turn My Back on You

Al Wilson - The Snake

Arthur Conley - Sweet Soul Music

Sonny Fisher - Rockin’ Daddy

Carl Man - Mona Lisa

Diffusion jeudi 9 mai 2019 - 18h30
Rediffusion dimanche 12 mai 2019 - 18h00

Animation G.Viols
Réalisation Lucille