Happy hour #5 - un cadeau Divergence fm

happy hours / musique / 25/02/2019

Hommage à Johnny Halliday anec l’EP collector"Ce S’rait Bien", un cadeau Divergence FM

Willie Buck : All I’m Doing Is Thinking Of You

Willie Buck  : You Want Me To Trust You

Dick Dale:Shake ’N’ Stomp

Dick Dale:Miserlou

Ina Forsman:Genius

The Barnshakers;Knock Knock Rock

Nina Simone:Mississipi Goddam

Johnny Carrol:Hot Rock

Johnny Hallyday:Ce S’rait Bien

Brenda Lee :Sweet Nothings

Tom T Hall - How To Go To Memphis

Eddy Mitchell:Surla Route de Mamphis

Elise And The Sugarsweets:Shake Your Legs

Algia Mae Hinton:Going Down The Road

Wee Willie Walker:Everybody Meets The Blues

Spencer Wiggin:Soul City USA

Rosie Flores:I Want To Do More

Omar Coleman:Train I Ride

Lurie Bell:One Day You’re Gonna Get Lucky

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Rediffusion dimanche 3 mars 2019 - 18h00

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